Cresson Region

Our Cresson Region is centrally located serving the Barnett Shale. Our store is in Cresson and has a full range of FR Clothing, PPE such as hard hats, safety glasses, impact and chemical gloves, hearing protection. Heat protection such as Sqwinchers popsicles and electrolyte drink mix, cooling towels, hard hat shades and more. We also carry First Aid Kits, Oversize Load Signage, Spill Containments, and other items needed in the oil and gas industry. We offer drug and alcohol testing as well as training in house or onsite.

Our North Texas Yard is in Granbury. Our North Texas rental division is housed out of this yard. All our North Texas equipment is stored and serviced at this location. This yard is centrally located in the Barnett Shale and has easy access to major highways and interstates.
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